Utilizing Morse Code to Evade Signature Based Detection Systems

Introduction This article demonstrates reducing the Entropy score with a goal of evading the static detection by encoding characters using only dashes and dots. Inspired by the Morse Code! Primary Keywords: Binary Entropy analysis | Evading Static Analysis | Morse Code Encoder What is Morse Code? Morse Code is a communications “language” that was initially… Continue reading

Deception & Inspection: Gathering intelligence & increasing the red team infrastructure resiliency

Introduction This article primarily targets the red teams. It demonstrates several ways of gathering intelligence about the public security scanners & analyzers and the security platforms and tools used by the target organization. Keywords: C2 Infrastructure resiliency | Cyber Intelligence | Dynamic URL & executable Analyzers | Security Defense Tooling Behavior Benchmark Objectives Whether you’re… Continue reading

Hunting for Suspicious DNS Communications

Introduction Adversaries are continuously developing techniques to reduce the detection rate of their malicious activities on an enterprise network; for example, they utilize stenography for data exfiltration, malicious software delivery, and covert C2 communications. This article provides an overview on detecting and hunting suspicious DNS connections in an enterprise network. Requirements In order to be… Continue reading

Establishing an encrypted communication channel over HTTP

Introduction In my previous article “Establishing a secure communication channel over HTTP” , I introduced a demo on how to exchange encrypted information over the HTTP protocol using RSA & AES algorithms. This article provides an introduction to how to make encrypted communications between two endpoints over HTTP. The goal is to transmit data securely… Continue reading

ESS Notifier – Improving SOC Capabilities and Response

Introduction ESS Notifier is a notable security event scanner & notifier for Splunk Enterprise Security. The purpose of this tool is to send/push notifications via Email/Slack/REST API whenever a new security notable event is triggered on Splunk ESS. This tool is ideally best used by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) who provide SOC as a… Continue reading